Pedestrian Access Control

Pedestrian Access Control

MACE is the proud sole distributor of COMINFO. COMINFO turnstiles and gates offer security and modern design of the physical access control system. They are beyond expectations for over 20 years of experience characterizing in the applications with high traffic of a pedestrian with various degrees of a risk.
The modern turnstile provides an ideal solution to prevent the entry of unauthorized persons into the premises of the channel during the Tailgating state, highly ensures a reliable and long-time operation. Equipped by the new technology Magnetic Direct Drive (MDD motor), the turnstile receives silent and smooth operation, slightly integrated with sensors, power supply units and the set of lights, which presents an alternative and perfect solution to the various demands.

Swing and Sliding Speed Gates

The EasyGate range epitomizes the latest trends in entrance control technology. Our contemporary design maintains the high level of security associated with all our products. Swinging speed gates suits projects that require both high-end aesthetics and security. 
The sliding speed gate uses a sliding opening motion offers a secure entrance control system that has a wide range of use, from Interior lobby areas to general public transport. Sliding speed gates suits projects that require both high-end aesthetics and security.

Full and Half Height Turnstile and Gates

Tripod turnstiles represent classic and safe way to protect your premises; they are used in broad-spectrum applications of both indoor and outdoor environments. Even so they are mostly installed in the leisure areas; they also fit perfectly as an economical option into the office buildings and the related applications.

COMINFO also provides full height and half-height turnstile and gates. The Rexon range of full height turnstiles is most suitable where a high level of security is required. Tailgating can be eliminated allowing unsupervised usage. This is achieved as rotors are available in the 3 and 4 wing models.

Additional full-height motorized gates to compliment the Rexon turnstile are an ideal solution as wheelchair access or large objects pass. All models are available with straight or ‘U’ ended bars.

The Round range offers the ultimate half-height turnstiles that combine both aesthetics with functionality. A Pegas swing gate alongside will complement the installation to allow wheelchair access to ensure DDA compliance.

Security and Mantrap Doors

MACE, proud seller of Record Security Automatic Doors in Dubai, and Boon Edam doors in Qatar. Certain areas require high secure access control inside and out. These types of spaces utilize doors that require high security functionality, however still maintaining the aesthetics of a building, and combining that with a steady flow of people into a secure area. These types of Security doors or Man trap doors come in three or four leaf revolving doors, as well as in a circle lock position, with variation of security levels.