Vehicle access Control

Vehicle access Control

MACE is the proud distributor of Blasi (Part of a Record group) in the United Arab Emirates, and the proud distributor of Boon Edam in Qatar. 

Traffic Barriers

As a leading supplier of automatic gate barrier system in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we provide extensive support to the customers who are looking for a high quality security gate barrier system in Automatic drop down Gate barrier, also known as hydraulic security gate barrier system. This tool is used to control vehicle access to parking places, as well as act as a security gate barrier, by allowing us to use smart solutions, such as RFID card readers, Biometric or number plate recognition software’s. We support by studying the needs and flows required by the gate barrier system, and propose to our clients the solutions that fit them best.

Our Services include:

  • Supply and design of the components
  • Installation, testing and commissioning of the solution
  • Continuous Maintenance during the warranty period
  • Annual maintenance contracts to maintain good health of automatic gate barrier


MACE is a highly experienced and provider of various Automatic hydraulic boom bollards, security bollards, supplying the highest quality, from the more reputable brands in the world.

Automatic bollards are retractable, which means you can choose to have them completely out of sight. However, when you need your bollard for security or protection, it is easily raised in a matter of seconds. Our product rating ranges from normal static bollards, K4 and K12.

Safety bollards are essential structures for preventing accidents and controlling access to designated areas. Security bollards are often used to prevent access to an area. Our traffic bollards in used in areas where there is significant pedestrian and car traffic. They act as protection for pedestrians against vehicles, as well as preventing potential damage to property and infrastructure.

Road Blockers

Road blockers are security solutions able to prevent and protect damage to secure areas. It is used to control and secure the entry and exit of certain area, specifically military areas, public institutions and organizations, banks, consulates and embassies. They utilize both electro mechanical technologies as well as hydraulic technology for the operation. These kinds of solutions are vital for anti-terrorism and any security threat.

Vehicle road blockers and Rising boom bollards block any unauthorized entry of heavy vehicles which enter to your gate forcefully, so places which require high security demand such anti attack blocking solution. Some of the advantages for road blockers that they are retractable into the ground, undetectable from the outside, can handle high impact load, automatically lift-able and lower able, and come in many sizes and resistances. Road blockers are compatible with all access control systems, as manual control and remote control.